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Based in Concord, MA and offering local in-person, one-on-one meetings as well as online. 

Long College Admissions Advising
Karen Long

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Long College Admissions Advising empowers high school students to make confident college choices and prepare compelling application packages that are positioned for success. Her warm, supportive approach helps students and families stay on task and even enjoy the application process!

As Principal, Karen Long combines 15+ years of admissions experience with an expansive career in recruitment communications, which provides her with a unique skill set in college-to-career planning. She visits hundreds of colleges and connects regularly with admissions officers to stay abreast of changes and trends.

Students guided by Karen have been accepted by the colleges that best aligned with their personal values, campus lifestyle expectations, and subject interests: flagship state campuses, liberal arts colleges, SEC and Big 12 Conference schools, Ivy Leagues, international universities, and faith-based institutions. 

Where the authenticity of a student’s written voice is being scrutinized in the growing world of AI, Karen’s instructional essay expertise, in part from her graduate education in Teaching Writing with Johns Hopkins University, is a distinctive asset to a student seeking a unique, clear, and cohesively written package that will be well received by admissions staff.

Among her consulting specialties is proactive college readiness planning for freshmen, sophomores, and student-athletes.